Willa Wong  

Willa Wong

Company Secretarial Manager

(+852) 3166 7109     willa.wong@leeandyu.com.hk

Miss Wong is an associate member of The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute. She has obtained a Master of Corporate Governance and Directorship from Hong Kong Baptist University. She has over fifteen years’ experience in company secretarial work, and is familiar with the Companies Ordinance, Listing Rules and Securities and Futures Ordinance. She had been working in a number of law firms in Hong Kong as well as a company listed in the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Miss Wong is responsible for ensuring that the client companies comply with relevant laws and regulations, organizing and facilitating meetings of directors and shareholders, and suggestions on relevant corporate governance practices.


  • ACG
  • Master Degree in Corporate Governance and Directorship